bought in Cambridge

I worked with Deanna twice, and I can definitely tell you that Deanna is my Realtor anywhere in the Boston area! I wish I could use Deanna if I ever decide anywhere else in the country and maybe I will, as Deanna knows her business, and despite the fact, that she makes her money from the seller, she works, as if I, the buyer was paying her directly. 

If you work with Deanna, you will never be pressured or pushed to make a decision, all the background work will always be done, and no matter where you look, you will always get a sound advice, and the best part is that Deanna will point out details that you would never even think to notice. And on top of that, forget having to worry about market analysis, negotiations, handling legal and mortgage work or dealing with appointments. All of that will be done for you and you won’t even have to worry about transportation. So be prepared for a very positive experience, when dealing with Deanna.