How to add more space for the holidays


Thanksgiving and other winter holidays means hosting gatherings and spending time with family. It can often be stressful trying to find the space for houseguests to be comfortable during a holiday party. Follow these simple tips to maximize the space in your home!

Refrain from pushing furniture against the walls

While pushing everything to the outskirts of a room may seem like it adds more space, it really just creates more room on the floor, making it awkward for eating and socializing. Strategically placing seating and tables throughout the room can add more social space without looking cluttered, just make sure your guests have room to walk.


Give furniture multiple purposes

Soft surfaces, such as ottomans, footstools, and poufs can double as seating in a pinch. Any hard surface can easily become a stand in for a table by placing coasters and trays on top of them. Place pillows on the floor around a low coffee table for a cozy seating arrangement.


Place tables at an angle

Longer tables can crowd a room. Maximize the space by placing tables at a diagonal (the longest distance across a room). This makes it easier for guests to move around and helps the room look bigger.


Keep it moving

Make the transition from hors d’oeuvres to dinner to socializing easy by moving around furniture in between courses. This becomes a relatively simply task by placing casters under existing furniture or opting to buy furniture with wheels. Use a dining table that has leaves or use multiple folding tables. Enlist the help of a few guests to quickly rearrange furniture so the party can continue!

Declutter the walls

While this tip may not add more square footage to your space, it will help it feel a lot larger. Let the room breathe by clearing shelves and countertops. Walls that aren’t covered by knick knacks and art will give the illusion of more space, but leave mirrors hanging (they’ll make the space seem bigger!)


Create a coatroom

Smaller apartments and homes may not have the luxury of having a large coat closet for guests. Instead of filling up a coat rack or having jackets and purses strewn around the room, opt to keep everything in one place. Avoid keeping coats in a bedroom, guests will be more likely to hang around in there and they may potentially snoop. Although unconventional, opt to place a coat rack inside of a bathtub (essentially unused space during a party).

Don’t over decorate

It’s tempting to make a space festive for a holiday celebration, but unnecessary decor can make a space cluttered. Create a simple centerpiece for dining or use a festive table runner instead. Color coordinated napkins and disposable drinkware give the event a holiday feel without using any decorations at all.